Improved efficiency

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Your business’s documents are a vital resource. Whether it’s reports, certifications, projects, budgets, or HR records, managing them shouldn’t drain your time or budget.

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APDocs takes the pain from the management of business documents. Our simple, pay-per-use pricing model enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency by removing over-capacity both in terms of hardware and user licencing.

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As a highly efficient document management system, APDocs has a proven track record in delivering complete and comprehensive documentation for the most complex of projects.

The Benefits

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Higher quality deliverables in less time than using traditional collation methods.

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The ability to work with many file formats, including pdf, docx, xlsx, jpg, mp4, dwg drawings and ifc models.

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Accessibility for clients, contractors, subcontractors and third-party collaborators as needed without additional costs to the project.

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Our current users tell us that they also benefit from:

  • A Smartsheet ‘virtual assistant’ that tracks and chases document submissions and review feedback, removing the manual and time intensive elements for document controllers.
  • A fully searchable archive where documents can be checked-out, updated, reviewed and republished so that the latest information is always available to the right people, at the right time.
  • Documents that require periodic review, or update, are automatically flagged for action turning a static archive into a system of action.
  • Multi-level security to make sure that only the right people have access to the right documents.
  • The choice of using standard APDocs or having their own branded version.